Kyah Rindlisbacher

L-four - Developer

Lightning Jam

Participated in the Lightning Jam over the weekend. Check out the games. The theme was "Map and bread". Left4bread is the game my team created.

Game Jam - Best Gameplay

Say “Goodbye” to Google Reader.

Google Reader has reached the end of its life with Google's second spring cleaning.

I asked around on Google+ for a free alternative with a web interface. Among the suggestion was Tiny tiny rss a php based application. This suited me as I already run a few php applications on this sever.

Setting up the application was as simple as:

  1. Creating a mysql user.
  2. Creating a database.
  3. Giving the user access to the database.
  4. Editing the config.php.
  5. Creating a virtual server in apache.

Importing the old subscriptions from Google Reader was also quite simple. I was able to download the subscriptions from Google Takeout in a xml format. After signing into the Tiny Tiny RSS application, the subscriptions.xml can be uploaded on the Perferences > Feeds > OPML settings page. After which setting-up a cron job to run path/to/install/update.php --feed will keep all the RSS feeds update to date.


After working at Visual Obsession for over 4 years. I finally have a website of my own.

Not being a "Designer" my first concepts were of high quality. After much deliberation I settled on this much simpler design.